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Groundbreaking During Black History Month

Written by Najwa


The month of February is designated as Black History Month. February 2012 will be a particularly momentous Black History Month as we celebrate the groundbreaking event for the nascent National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Here within the offices at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, there is an air of intensity as many work tirelessly to coordinate this event. Endless meetings are held in the conference rooms, various paperwork and documents are maintained to keep processes smooth, different departments work together day in and day out. Despite the various stressors, individuals never lose sight of what they are collectively working towards. Amidst all the mental and physical work, the staff members of the Director’s office share their thoughts on what this means to them.

The Groundbreaking of NMAAHC is, “a phenomenal landmark event for the building of the future museum,” says Management Support Specialist Susan. “This event is extremely significant to be held during the month of Black History.” A very busy Debora, executive Assistant to Director Lonnie Bunch, gives me a telling opinion on the upcoming event by adding that this event, “can be viewed as a culmination of hard work. This is a day we all can view with great pride because it will mark the birth of the museum. We can marvel in it and be proud because it truly an exciting time.” When asked if she thinks this event gives Black History Month a greater meaning, she reacts with great enthusiasm “ABSOLUTELY! When you think about what our ancestors have been through (struggle for justice, civil rights, and overall respect as a people) the groundbreaking of this museum during Black History Month marks a special time for all Americans…not just African Americans.”

Four months into her position as a Management Support Assistant, Roylonda shares with me that, “the groundbreaking of this museum is an opportunity to become a part of history. There have been many instances where I share with people where it is I work then they’ll ask me where the actual museum is located. I tell them it has yet to be built and they become intrigued with the fact that they now have an opportunity to see the museum built from the ground up.”

Ms. Bradford continues on to say, “the way the world is engineered has a lot to do with African Americans because some of the greatest inventions were created by African Americans to begin with. This event during Black History Month is fitting and right on track.”