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The Smithsonian NMAAHC Andrew W. Mellon

Curatorial Fellowship Program Learning Objectives

Curatorial Fellows will conduct independent study or research with an advisor at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Below are some examples of experiential goals that might be applied to the Fellow’s own independent study or research. These are only indicative of the kinds of learning objectives that might be addressed, but all may not be necessarily achievable during the fellowship period:

  • Selecting objects for exhibitions
  • Guiding the organization in its collecting policies and procedures
  • Familiarization with the relationship between objects that can be curated and various exhibition styles
  • Conducting research to determine the proper packaging of objects and materials for transportation based on the collections and their historical value
  • Interpreting and sharing information on objects through exhibitions, educational programming, and write-ups for journals, books or the media
  • Labeling, cataloguing, writing essays and other supporting content for exhibitions
  • Practicing the art of public speaking, publishing articles and presenting at exhibitions and conferences
  • Acquiring knowledge of current collecting practices and current market in the area of expertise of the fellows
  • Familiarization with current ethical practices and laws that might impact the organization’s collecting
  • Curating objects and materials for virtual exhibitions and familiarization with the impact of social media on the understanding and comprehension of African American heritage, history and culture.