Peter Davy



Peter Davy (1940–1990) was a fashion designer, dressmaker, and stylist. 

Davies was born in Kingstown, the capital city of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an island nation in the Caribbean. He began his fashion career designing clothes for his sisters. By his teens he moved to Trinidad and began designing grand dresses for the participants in the annual Carnival festivals. After attaining several accolades for his designs, Davis moved to New York for a new audience for his talents.

A fitted floor-length dress with rainbow colored sequins and beading designed by Peter Davy.

Fitted dress with rainbow sequins and beading designed by Peter Davy, 1980s. 


Gift of the Black Fashion Museum founded by Lois K. Alexander-Lane

Davy showcased his talents in several fashion shows around New York City while meeting several movers and shakers in the fashion industry. He worked as a designer for four decades until his untimely demised from AIDS-related complications in 1990.

Davy’s designs were collected by Lois Alexander Lane, founder of the Black Fashion Museum (BFM) and Harlem Institute of Fashion. Davy’s designs were exhibited and written about extensively throughout the BFM history (1979–2007). NMAAHC acquired the BFM collection and archives in 2007.

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Top image: Dark iridescent green and reainbow sequin dress designed by Peter Davy, 1985-90. Gift of the Black Fashion Museum founded by Lois K. Alexander-Lane. 2007.3.91