Symbols and Slogans

African American congresswoman Shirley Chisholm gives the peace sign to a crowd of protestors as she speaks to veterans on the Washington Mall, Washington, DC, April 1971.
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Making African America: Politics

In celebration of our “Making African America: Immigration and the Changing Dynamics of Blackness” symposium, we have highlighted five political artifacts from our collection.  These items, and the stories behind them, help reveal the demographic...Read More

 "Appomattox" statue in Alexandria, Virginia. Photo by M. Casper Buberl
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Putting White Supremacy on a Pedestal

These and other monuments matter because what we put in public space matters. At a moment of pronounced social and cultural tensions, we as historians, as public intellectuals, and as Americans, must ask difficult questions, seek new answers, and...Read More

Statue of Thomas Jackson Standing
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Mascots, Myths, Monuments and Memory

Hosted by the National Museum of the American Indian and the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Mascots, Myths, Monuments and Memory, will examine the history and contested memory of racialized mascots, Civil War monuments,...Read More