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Celebrating African American History and Culture Across the Globe

The Grand Opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture is an opportunity to showcase and honor the work of all institutions and individuals preserving, honoring and sharing the many stories of African American and African Diaspora people and their contributions to the American story.

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We invite you to use the occasion of the museum’s opening to Lift Your Voice and tell the nation about the great work you are doing to celebrate African American History and Culture in your hometown. Co-brand your event/activity with the museum and show how your organization exists as part of a national story.

Events or activities can occur anytime within the inaugural year, now through December 2017.

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Register your event today and be acknowledged as a supporter of our Lift Every Voice Campaign. Registered events may be featured on the museum’s website as a global directory of celebrations.

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Questions about Lift Every Voice Campaign? Please contact nmaahcpartners@si.edu