Our Mobile Applications

Download our apps to experience the Museum from wherever you are


Download the Museum's mobile app for iOS and Android as a complement to your onsite museum experience and as a way to begin discovering just some of the many stories found in our collection.

For the Museum’s opening, the app features 5 ways to explore stories from our museum:

  • Exhibition Stories
  • Stories for Families with Children
  • Building Stories
  • Outdoor Stories
  • Stories with multimedia and AR experiences

Download the app for iOS and Android

Exhibition Stories offer a detailed look at some of the many special objects in our collection. Stories for Families provides those accompanying our younger visitors with age-appropriate language about selected objects, along with questions to encourage conversations. Building Stories describe features of the Museum, while Outdoor Stories tell the impact of African Americans on our nation's capital and the National Mall. Multimedia Stories give users a way to engage with stories in the app featuring augmented reality experiences, video, or special activities.

You’ll also be able to share stories to your favorite social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and post your reactions to our stories. The app also includes maps for all 8 visitor levels of the Museum, information about the café and gift shop, a list of upcoming special events, and more to help you enjoy all the Museum has to offer.

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