The HBCU History and Culture Access Consortium (HCAC) comes at a time of global transformation, re-imagining and re-building. The Consortium represents a commitment to sustainable HBCU cultural institutions, and we are proud to stand with them in our collective efforts to preserve and interpret African American art, history, culture and memory.

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National Museum of African American History and Culture

Launched in March 2021, the HCAC is a 5-year pilot initiative that is working with a select group of HBCU partners to engage in a series of activities that strengthens HBCU museums and archives to fortify their distinct roles in American history. This carefully crafted pilot stresses authentic partnership, building a community of practice and mentoring the next generation of professionals in the cultural sector. 

Main Program Elements:

  1. Training — Opportunities for internships and fellowships with professional development and skill-building experiences, serving traditionally underrepresented groups.
  2. Collections Inventory and Digitization — Creating an open-source archive, composed of HBCU digitized collections for use by academic scholars and the general public.
  3. Executive Leadership Training and Development — Strengthens internal communications and more robustly centers Museums and archives within the Universities’ broader mission.
  4. Traveling Exhibition and Publication — Exhibition features vast collections of HBCU collections, along with the creation of a catalogue designed for international distribution.
  5. Project Evaluation and Expansion — Assesses the development of a community of practice and the potential for expansion.

HBCU Partners

Federal Agency Partners

This project is made possible in part by generous support from our fellow museum, library and humanities agency partners.

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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee's expertise in and contributions to HBCU leadership, digital humanities, museums, archives, workforce development, and other relevant content areas are invaluable to the initiative's mission and goals.

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