Cinema + Conversation: The Rape Of Recy Taylor

Date & Time
Friday, March 16, 2018 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
No Registration Required
About this Event
Venue: African American History and Culture Museum Event Location: Oprah Winfrey Theater Cost: Free and open to the public. Registration strongly recommended. Walk-up guests will be seated 5min prior to screening. A registration does not guarantee a seat. Get Tickets: The Rape of Recy Taylor (2017, dir. Nancy Burski, 91 min, USA) Recy Taylor, a 24-year-old black mother and sharecropper, was gang raped by six white boys in 1944 Alabama. Common in Jim Crow South, few women spoke up in fear for their lives. Not Recy Taylor, who bravely identified her rapists. The NAACP sent its chief rape investigator Rosa Parks, who rallied support and triggered an unprecedented outcry for justice.  The film exposes a legacy of physical abuse of black women and reveals Rosa Parks’ intimate role in Recy Taylor’s story. An attempted rape against Parks was but one inspiration for her ongoing work to find justice for countless women like Taylor. The 1955 bus boycott was an end result, not a beginning. The screening will be introduced by the director Nancy Buirski.  Conversation to follow with Recy Taylor's brother Robert CorbittDr. Crystal Feimster, Associate Professor of African American Studies, History and American Studies at Yale University, Lisa Crooms-Robinson, Professor of Constitutional Law, Gender and the Law, International Human Rights Law and Supreme Court Jurisprudence at Howard University, and Jamilah Lemieux, Vice President, News and Men's Programming at ‎Interactive One. The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Rhea L. Combs, Supervisory Curator and Head of CAAMA.

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