Freedom Sounds Festival: Celebration

Date & Time
Saturday, September 24, 2016 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
No Registration Required
About this Event
Following the Dedication and Grand Opening Ceremony with President Obama and other distinguished guests, the festivities continue at Freedom Sounds: A Community Celebration. This weekend’s performances highlight the breadth and depth of African American expressive cultures, from storytelling and music to dance and visual art. “Celebration” is the theme for Saturday as we gather together to commemorate the historic event of the museum’s opening. At 6 p.m., join us for the evening concert on the Freedom Stage, featuring Living Colour, Public Enemy, and the Roots. In addition to the scheduled events, join visual artist Cey Adams at the Mural Wall in creating a collaborative collage-style mural which will go into the museum's collection. Visit the Making History Social Media tent to commemorate this moment using digital technologies, share your own stories, and charge your phones. Share your reflections on the weekend’s historic event with a professional film crew that will be capturing stories from visitors at the Oral History tent. Food concessions are on the west side of the festival, offering Southern BBQ and Soul Food, Gulf Coast Kitchen Po’ Boys and More, and Kenyan Curries and Caribbean Jerk. Beverage and gelato stands are found throughout the grounds. * = ASL interpretation  ^ = CART (real-time captioning) + = Audio description Freedom Stage 1 p.m. Sweet Honey in the Rock (Women's vocal quartet) * 2 p.m. Paíto y los Gaiteros de Punta Brava (Cumbia) + 3 p.m. Jean Carne (Rhythm and blues/jazz) * Fannie Lou Hamer Stage 1 p.m. Sonia Sanchez (Poet) *^ 2 p.m. Stanley Clarke (Bass workshop) ^ 3 p.m. Len Chandler (Folk/singer-songwriter) * 4 p.m. Stax Music Academy (Soul/rhythm and blues) *^ Gil Scott-Heron Stage 1 p.m. Louise Toppin (Classical vocalist) 2 p.m. Baakari Wilder (Tap dance) *+ 3 p.m. Evolution of Hand Dance: National Hand Dance Association + 4 p.m. Urban Artistry (Dance) + Drum Circle 2 p.m. Ebony Donnley, Ericka Hart (Poetry) 3 p.m. Rising Star Fife and Drum Band * 4 p.m. McIntosh County Shouters (Sustaining traditions workshop) 5 p.m. Medoune Gueye (Drum circle) *+ Story Circle 1 p.m. Charlotte Blake Alston (Storytelling) *^ 2 p.m. Bobi Céspedes (Orisha songs) 3 p.m. 9th Wonder, Freedom Singers, Public Enemy, Sweet Honey in the Rock (Social power of music workshop) *^ 4 p.m. Charlotte Blake Alston (Storytelling) ^ The Stoop 1 p.m. Jay Summerour’s Blues Trio 2 p.m. Josh White, Jr. (Songs for children) *^ 3 p.m. Dom Flemons (African American songster) 4 p.m. Freedom Singers (Civil rights vocal group) * Schedule is subject to change.

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