Join Professor Holly A. Pinheiro Jr. for his latest book The Families’ Civil War: Black Soldiers and the Fight for Racial Justice. This engaging narrative highlights the experiences of how northern free Black families fared in their daily lives when their loved ones answered the call of duty.

For African American families who were already battling discrimination in their communities, the war brought new struggles impacting households, living conditions, and finances. Pinheiro shows how military experiences were not uniform, and how race and class differed among an estimated 79,000 Black men who served in northern USCT regiments. A book signing will follow the lecture.  

Holly A. Pinheiro Jr. is an assistant professor of African American history at Furman University. His research has been published in American Nineteenth Century History, the Black Perspectives history blog, and the Journal Era’s Muster Blog. His awards include the 2023 Nautilus Book Award for The Families’ Civil War and a 2020 Augusta University Teaching Excellence Award.

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