Prepare for your family reunion by learning your family history!

The museum's Robert Frederick Smith Explore Your Family History Center team — including Doretha Williams, Lisa Crawley and Hannah Scruggs — will teach you how to research family history through the census and various databases like Family Search and Fold3. Attendees will learn about going beyond 1870 to identify family members and also hear from visitors to the center who have identified their family history.

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The museum's Family History Center team has guided more than 25,000 visitors through genealogy research sessions and hosted more than 100 virtual and in-person programs since 2017. Online, the team regularly engages with our museum community through the Community Curation Platform, where hundreds of guests are now active members who upload their personal and community histories. The Family History Center is living history by capturing, mapping, and exploring genealogy. The families served in the center are living representations of their ancestors’ existence.

Visit the Robert Frederick Smith Explore Your Family History Center online to learn more about and our programs. 

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Feature image: Perryman family reunion
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Eddie Faye Gates, Tulsa, OK, author, historian, community activist.

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