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Highlights from the Event

Co-sponsor: African American Policy Forum
Venue: African American History and Culture Museum
Event Location: Oprah Winfrey Theatre and Heritage Hall
Cost: Free. Registration required.
Get Tickets: https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/4252336/harriets-daughtersan-evening-of-c…

Harriet Tubman's legacy extends far beyond the Civil War and The Underground Railroad. Her bravery and tenacity continues to inspire generations of rebellious and creative women activists. A century after her death, what we can learn from Harriet Tubman's refusal to adhere to the limits placed on her race and gender by society? How has her legacy inspired and informed Black women who came after her, such as Rosa Parks, Recy Taylor, Ida B. Wells, Pauli Murray, and Shirley Chisholm? In what ways do women and girls of color continue to be erased from contemporary racial and gender justice agendas? Tracing a history of race-centered and gender-centered social movements, from the Million Man March to the Women’s Suffrage Movement to #MeToo, Harriet’s Daughters will reveal why the battle to place women and girls of color at the center of our activist agendas and embrace an intersectional vision of social justice is vital for us all. This event will feature a keynote talk by Kimberle Crenshaw, a panel discussion on Harriet’s continuing legacy and the role of Black women in today’s political landscape, and a reception with engagement stations for deeper connection to Harriet’s legacy. Featured panelists include Barbara Arnwine, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, and Samantha Masters.

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