Event Image for I Go To Prepare A Place For You: Mounted Plant Workshop

Highlights from the Event

In this workshop, you will learn how to mount and care for hoyas or wax plants to create a living wall hanging inspired by the foliage on Bisa Butler’s quilt, I Go Prepare a Place for You. In their natural environment, many hoyas grow on rocks or trees, not in the pots you see at the garden store. Learn about Bisa Butler’s work while creating a stunning piece of living art.

Your ticket includes all materials needed for the activity, hands-on instruction from Rock Paper Plant, and a presentation by Education Specialists, Cassidy Moses & Lydia Charles

Ticket price: $20 per person

About Rock Paper Plant: Rock Paper Plant is a creative, women-of-color-owned business based in Washington, DC that specializes in botanical workshops and creations using live plants, cork, and fiber. The company was founded in 2017 by Alicia Mazzara and Cielo Contreras, two non-profit workers by day and makers and teachers on nights and weekends. We firmly believe that everyone can benefit from tapping into their creative side. You can find us at rockpaperplant.com or on Instagram @rockpaperplant.

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