Highlights from the Event

Art and culture were central to how the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC, pronounced “snick”) engaged with communities during the Civil Rights Movement. SNCC hired and trained photographers; gave cameras to local people; and used community-based collaboration to create film strips and other visual materials as educational tools. But nothing was more important than the singing and movement culture at the heart of mass meetings, marches, and every other aspect of the Movement.

Join SNCC veterans Jennifer Lawson and Judy Richardson, and movement historian, Emilye Crosby, for this interactive Learning Toolkit workshop. Participants will dig into documents and audiovisual materials, learn about the role of arts and culture in SNCC’s movement building, and collectively explore how those lessons might be relevant today. This workshop is geared toward educators, civic organizations, community groups, youth—or anyone who wants to learn more.

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