Highlights from the Event

Victoria Cloud, District Chef with Compass Group – Chevron Oil​

Spaniard Chorizo & Seafood Paella​​​
Crisp arugula tossed with a mojito vinaigrette.​​

Chipotle Braised Short Ribs​
Black Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Shaved Asparagus Spears with Carrot & Beet Tips​

​Crusted French bread.​​

Mi Mama’s Chocolate Tres leches​​​
Crema Catalana (Crème Brulée)​​​

Rose Margarita & Salted Sugar and Sea Salt Rim

Victoria Cloud is currently Compass Group District Chef for Chevron Oil (California, Texas and Louisiana) and has been with the company for 15 years. Chef Victoria’s culinary inspiration originally came from her family, launching her into a 35-year career. She was eager to learn her mother’s techniques to prepare Latin food from scratch, and she learned to grill, smoke meats, and BBQ from her brothers, which piqued her curiosity about other types of food. After earning a degree from the Houston Community College Culinary Arts Program, Chef Victoria began her professional culinary career. ​

Before joining Compass Group’s Corporate Dining Services, Cloud worked for 16 years with acclaimed chefs and traveled to learn new techniques with Le Meridian, Doubletree, & Hilton Hotels, where she earned her first executive chef position. She favors Latin, Mediterranean & Creole cuisines. She also has a pastry degree and developed a love for baking by watching her mother create desserts from scratch.​

Chef Victoria loves teaching, challenging, and inspiring others to follow their passion. She is also an avid community volunteer and works with local charities, does community volunteering & works with local charities (especially her daughter’s school) in support of the fine arts. Currently, she is a member of Compass Group’s WEN network. ​In her own words, “I want to thank my husband Errol, my beautiful, and talented daughters Maya, Madison, and Samantha for all the love and continued support throughout my culinary journey.”​​

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