After Five

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Luther Vandross always believed he would be a star, but his journey to success was far from overnight. He began his career supporting industry icons like David Bowie, Roberta Flack, and Bette Midler. Despite earning platinum records and accolades, Luther initially struggled to break into mainstream success beyond the R&B charts. Driven by unwavering determination, he overcame personal and professional hurdles, ultimately establishing himself as one of the greatest vocalists in history. 
In this captivating musical exploration, acclaimed Festival alum Dawn Porter invites audiences to delve into the iconic singer's life, celebrated for his singular soulful velvet voice. Through a rich tapestry of archival performances and recording sessions, Porter's narrative extends beyond the stage, offering insights from musicians and friends, as well as archival interviews with Luther himself. These reveal his humor, struggles, and unyielding dedication to his artistry, against an industry often focused more on his weight fluctuations than the range of his octave. 
Luther: Never Too Much is a heartfelt and joyous tribute to Luther Vandross and his music, resonating with profound emotion. For some, it will inspire newfound admiration for Luther, while for others, it will transport them to moments when his timeless melodies were the soundtrack to their lives. 

A moderated panel discussion will follow the film featuring the filmmakers and special guests.

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