Through the Window and into the Mirror is a video conversation series about the experiences of African American STEM professionals today. Students will peer into the ‘windows’ of the speakers’ lives, learn from their lived experiences as STEM professionals, and find parts of their culture and lifestyle ‘mirrored’ in the speakers’ lessons of their youth and greatest challenges and accomplishments. Through the Window and into the Mirror aims to inform, inspire, and be a starting point for students as they take steps towards having careers in STEM.

Isabel Rodriguez (they/them) works as Data & Communications Manager at PDX Women In Technology, a non-profit organization working to build a better tech industry. They received their Bachelor’s in Physics from Portland State University in 2018, and their Master’s in Physics from Oregon State University in 2021. Outside of their work as a data professional, Isabel is passionate about writing, science fiction, and making STEM a place where people from marginalized communities can thrive.

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