Highlights from the Event

Join us every Thursday this month to celebrate National Hip-Hop History Month. This year we celebrate 50 years of hip-hop artistry, innovation and global transcendence — recognizing the culture and music that has been originated and shaped by Black America for decades. 
Take your poems out of your journal and spray them across the world. We will learn techniques to format and document our lines in a way they can’t be ignored or forgotten. 

The workshop will be led by international slam poetry champion, Anthony McPherson. McPherson's work incorporates various art forms, as well as a myriad of character impressions, to address race, art, and his own biracial identity. He's appeared on Button Poetry, in HuffPost, and Upworthy, and has reached over ten million views since his first viral poem, "All Lives Matter: 1800's Edition."  

Image: Postcard for the "Daze Solo Exhibition" exhibition

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