View of the Cultural Expressions exhibition with a large 360 degree video screen around the center of the room.

Cultural Expressions

Culture shapes lives. It’s in the food people eat, the languages they speak, the art they create, and many other ways they express themselves. These traditions reflect the history and creative spirit of African American and other cultures of the African diaspora.
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View of Chuck Berry's red Cadillac inside the Musical Crossroads exhibition.

Musical Crossroads

African American musical creativity has generated and enriched a vast array of musical styles, from folk and blues, to classical and spiritual, to jazz and hip-hop. These musical creations are a soundtrack to stories of African American history, culture, and community.
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Entrance to Taking the Stage exhibition. Framed photographs of African American artists on the stage and screen are featured on the walls.

Taking the Stage

Through their achievements on the stage and screen, African Americans have expressed creative visions, enriched American culture, and inspired audiences around the world. They have also used the power of performance to fuel social change.
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Entrance to Visual Art exhibition with a colorful painting on a dark blue wall.

Visual Art and the American Experience

The visual arts play a vital role in illuminating the American experience through an African American lens. Paintings, sculptures, and works on paper reveal how artists viewed and interpreted their world and also contribute to our understanding of an era.
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