Everyday Beauty exhibition with a man standing at an interactive table.

Everyday Beauty

On view from July 7, 2017 - February 4, 2018, Everyday Beauty presented a photography and film exhibition featuring 100 images and rarely seen films from the Museum’s growing photography and moving image collection. Photographers and filmmakers...Read More

Second Floor Interactives; Photo credit: Walter Larrimore

Explore More!

Explore More! is an interactive, multifaceted educational space dedicated to helping visitors connect and engage with African American history and culture in ways that expand perspectives, spark curiosity and creativity, and increase knowledge. Read More

The entrance to the Making a Way exhibition.

Making a Way Out of No Way

Through education, religious institutions, businesses, the press, and voluntary associations, African Americans created ways to serve and strengthen their communities. They also developed a tradition of activism that paved the way for broader...Read More


More Than A Picture

Photographs are more than just pictures. They record memories and document moments of pride, joy, and celebration, and sometimes conflict and confrontation. Every photograph has a deeper story that has shaped the histories of individuals, cultures...Read More

View of Chuck Berry's red Cadillac inside the Musical Crossroads exhibition.

Musical Crossroads

African American musical creativity has generated and enriched a vast array of musical styles, from folk and blues, to classical and spiritual, to jazz and hip-hop. These musical creations are a soundtrack to stories of African American history,...Read More

The central

Power of Place

African American communities have formed in all corners of the country and influenced the regions around them. Their stories reflect the resiliency of African Americans in making places for themselves and overcoming the challenges they faced.Read More