African American Treasures session

African American Treasures

Save Our African American Treasures is a collaboration among cultural institutions, community leaders and the public to preserve and collect African American material culture.
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A black and white photo of four women sitting with a newborn baby.

Black History Month 2022

The 2022 national theme for Black History Month is “Black Health and Wellness.” In celebration, the Museum examines the legacy of Black scholars and medical practitioners in Western medicine, and other ways of knowing throughout the African Diaspora.
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March on Washington--Marchers Gathering at the Lincoln Memorial After Walking from Washington Monument Grounds, August 28, 1963

Civil Rights History Project

The Museum and the Library of Congress have produced an invaluable look at the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights History Project provides faces and voices to many of the previously unknown individuals who made valuable contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.
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Design objects from the museum's collection

Design @ NMAAHC

The Museum collects and exhibits in the areas of decorative arts, craft, and design. We consider design through the lenses of history, culture, and art. Our work acknowledges and celebrates the power of design.
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 History, Rebellion, and Reconciliation

History, Rebellion, and Reconciliation

History, Rebellion, and Reconciliation is a series of public programs presented by the Museum examining race, justice, and community activism.
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In Slavery's Wake

In Slavery’s Wake—Slavery, Freedom, and the Making of Our World, the exhibition will travel to Africa, Europe and the Americas, shifting the way we think about, talk about, and represent the history of slavery, race, and globalization and its continuing relevance to our world today.
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Memory Book photo collage

Memory Book

The Memory Book is a signature NMAAHC initiative launched with the first version of the NMAAHC website in 2007. Memory Book was conceived as a social network dedicated to collecting the memories and histories of our visitors.
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A cowrie shell basket created by artisans in Mossuril, Mozambique, in 2015 to hold soil from the region, which was then deposited at the site of the São José shipwreck.

NMAAHC Open Access

Smithsonian Open Access invites you to discover a world where you can learn, research, explore, and create in ways you couldn’t before.
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Museum Building, Exterior with focus on the corona.

Oral History Initiative

The mission of the Museum’s Oral History Initiative is to document, preserve, and interpret African American stories through the art and practice of oral history.
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This colorful, modernist painting depicts women and a young girl walking in front of a long line of others. The figures move out of a shadowy background on the left, towards the light, emanating from the upper right corner. The line appears to be moving forwards, out of the picture plane. The women leading the line step forward strongly to the viewer's right; their leg movements are delineated by the columns of strongly contrasting light and shadow of their long skirts.

Our American Story

A Page From Our American Story, is a regular on-line series for Museum supporters. It showcases individuals and events in the African American experience, placing these stories in the context of a larger story — our American story.
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Sketch, The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

Rendering Visible

The Museum is launching Rendering Visible, a digital collecting initiative focused on the creative production of black architects. This initiative will allow the museum to identify architectural illustrations that may be suitable for inclusion in the museum's collection of digital images.
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Slave Wrecks Project

The Slave Wrecks Project is designed to combine research, training and education to build new scholarship and knowledge about the study of the global slave trade through the lens of slave shipwrecks.
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Smithsonian Transcription Center

The Smithsonian Transcription Center is a pan-Smithsonian website that allows digital volunteers, or “volunpeers,” from around the world to transcribe documents, photograph captions, field books, and other materials online.
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The Freedmen's Bureau Records

The museum tells the story of the post-Civil War transition of enslaved people to freedom by making the records of the Freedmen’s Bureau accessible online.
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Assorted film and audio tape reels inside of a metal 35mm film canister.

The Great Migration Home Movie Project

This initiative invites participants to schedule an appointment with the museum's audiovisual conservation team in order to digitize the public's home movies.
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