African American Treasures session

African American Treasures

Save Our African American Treasures is a collaboration among cultural institutions, community leaders and the public to preserve and collect African American material culture.Read More

Memory Book photo collage

Memory Book

The Memory Book is a signature NMAAHC initiative launched with the first version of the NMAAHC website in 2007. Memory Book was conceived as a social network dedicated to collecting the memories and histories of our visitors.Read More

Six male dancers on stage in two rows of three. All topless with their arms stretched out wide. The dancer in the back row middle is hunched over slightly, while the other 5 are bent over forward to greater and varied degrees  with one leg stretched out to the side.

Our American Story

A Page From Our American Story, is a regular on-line series for Museum supporters. It showcases individuals and events in the African American experience, placing these stories in the context of a larger story — our American story.Read More

Underwater archaeology researchers on the site of the São José slave ship wreck near the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Photo courtesy Iziko Museums.

Slave Wrecks Project

The Slave Wrecks Project combines research, training and education to build new scholarship and knowledge about the study of the global slave trade, particularly through the lens of slave shipwrecks.Read More


Smithsonian Transcription Center

The Smithsonian Transcription Center is a pan-Smithsonian website that allows digital volunteers, or “volunpeers,” from around the world to transcribe documents, photograph captions, field books, and other materials online. Read More