Make your voice heard this Black History Month with our museum. Join us in sharing key stories of Black resistance throughout February organized around five weekly focus areas that demonstrate how African Americans have practiced resistance from arriving in the Americas to today.

  • Week 1, Feb. 1-5: A Tradition of Activism
  • Week 2, Feb. 6-12: Foundations of Faith
  • Week 3, Feb. 13-19: The Value of Education
  • Week 4, Feb. 20-26: The Black Press
  • Week 5, Feb. 27-28: Leaning into Black Joy

For generations, African Americans worked collectively to survive and thrive amid historical and ongoing oppression. Through education, religious institutions, businesses, the press and organizations, Black people created ways to serve and strengthen their communities while establishing safe spaces. 

Black resistance not only encompasses rebellions, protests, and uprisings — but also the beauty, love, and pride of joyous everyday living. Black joy lives in those who dare to love themselves, their families and their communities. Black joy is the smiles and laughter of children, the courtships, love, marriage rituals, fellowships, foodways and family pride.


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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King lead a group of protesters during the Selma to Montgomery March, including fellow activists Rosa Parks, Ralph and Juanita Abernathy, Dr. Ralph Bunche, and Fred Shuttlesworth Montgomery, Alabama, 1965 
Photograph by Moneta Sleet Jr. Johnson Publishing Company Archive. Courtesy J. Paul Getty Trust and Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

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Discover stories of resistance from the past to the present in our Searchable Museum. 

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Martin Luther King Jr. is Arrested for Loitering Outside of a Court room Where his Friend Ralph Abernathy is Appearing for a Trial , Montgomery, Alabama

Celebrating Black History Month

Join the museum throughout February for an array of events, programs and tours honoring the African American experience. 


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Stevie Wonder singing “Happy Birthday Dr . Martin Luther King to you” at rally on the National Mall in protest for a MLK Jr . National Holiday January 15, 1981

Essential Historian Skills

Explore lessons in African American history for educators and parents. Some of the answers of the past are locked in primary sources. Using this collection, practice becoming a historian by questioning primary sources centered on five primary sources about Black resistance.

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Black and white image of Thurgood and Cissy Marshall

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Explore our Family Treasures Toolkit with resources to assist you in understanding how to preserve your family treasures, so they are available for future generations.

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As you celebrate Black History Month this year, the museum offers additional resources to help you share the journey to equality for African Americans. 

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