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Earl W. and Amanda Stafford Center for African American Media Arts (CAAMA) is poised to be one of the world’s premier centers for research dedicated to presenting and interpreting the full range of African American cultural production.

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Through its online programming as well as its state-of-the-art, interactive 800 sq. ft. space located on the second floor of the museum, scholars, researchers, and the general public will have access to CAAMA’s robust collection of photography, film, video, and audio recordings as a prism to explore African American history and culture.

A fertile field beckons for the further discovery and recovery of African American images. Since the advent of photography more than one hundred and fifty years ago, African Americans have been both makers and subjects. Their engagement with photography and other forms of visual media such as film and television provides a wealth of opportunities for scholars and visitors of all ages, races, ethnicities, and nationalities to understand more fully the rich visual narratives surrounding black culture.

CAAMA showcases the museum’s dynamic image collection through a changing exhibition program of still and moving images, publications, and public programs. The resource center and digital archive foster and support scholarship through publications and programs focused on the role, meaning, and influence of images by and about African Americans, and other people of African descent.

The power of photographs is not only the ability to depict events, but to bring human scale to those experiences. 

Lonnie G. Bunch III Founding Director, NMAAHC