Selections from the Great Migration Home Movie Project

This unique, ongoing digitization service program partners with individuals across the United States to help preserve their important analog audiovisual media. The Great Migration Home Movie Project is part of the Earl W. and Amanda Stafford Center for the African American Media Arts and is generously supported by the Robert Frederick Smith Fund for the Digitization and Curation of African American History & Culture.

Leigh Family Home Movies

This home movie footage includes Wilhelmina Leigh’s 1966 graduation from McKinley Technical High School in Washington, DC; visits with friends in Roxbury, MA; a family trip to upstate New York and Cornell University during Wilhelmina’s freshman year in college, and scenes from their family home in northwest Washington. NMAAHC Study Collection: SC_0001_20171213_Leigh_R8 (TRT: 7:12)
Wilhelmina Leigh Family

Highland Beach, Maryland Home Movies

This collection of home movies from Highland Beach, Maryland dates from the early 1950s through the 1960s and is narrated by Margot Pinson. Her father Dr. Pinson shot much of the footage included in this heartwarming compilation. NMAAHC Study Collection: SC_0001_20180425_Lathan ; SC_0001_20180524_Lathan ; SC_0001_20180614_Lathan ; SC_0001_20180713_Lathan (TRT: 7:31)
Highland Beach Town Home Movies

Great Migration Home Movie Project compilation reel

This clip features local celebrities like Iron Jaw Sampson along with family parties, birthdays, weddings, and holiday celebrations. Highlighted are dozens of 16mm films from the late 1940s through the late 1950s of D.C.’s Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux and The Church of God, the first broadcast radio and television preacher; home movie clips from Cab Calloway’s family films, and activities from the 1968 community organization, Bedford-Stuyvesant Youth in Action. (TRT 8:58)
Great Migration Home Movie Study Collection

Zora Lathan film "Ariel"

This 16mm black and white film, “Ariel,” was one of several short experimental films shot and directed by Zora Lathan in 1975, when she was a student at University of Illinois-Chicago Campus. NMAAHC Study Collection: SC_0001_20180524_Lathan_16mm_01 (TRT: 2:31)
Zora Lathan Home Movies

Cab Calloway Home Movie #4

This Kodachrome and black and white compilation reel of 16mm home movies filmed by Cab Calloway was recorded from 1950 through 1955 during a tour of South America. NMAAHC Collection Object ID: 2015. (TRT 16:03)
Cab Calloway Collection