Rendering Visible

A Digital Collecting Initiative

The Museum is developing Rendering Visible, a digital collecting initiative focused on the creative production of black architects.

We are interested in renderings and other presentation drawings that illustrate the intent and concept of a design project. The goal of Rendering Visible is to document the creativity of black architects and to advance knowledge, visibility, and engagement with their visual production.

In 1968, the Architects’ Renewal Committee in Harlem (ARCH) produced this design for the 125th Street East Harlem Triangle Plan. Drawing by E. Donald Van Purnell. Courtesy of Arthur Symes.

Drawing by E. Donald Van Purnell. Courtesy of Arthur Symes.

We would like to see your architectural drawings, conceptual sketches, computer-generated images, collages, or other illustrative material depicting architectural ideas. We are also interested in imagery that includes scale figures in the spaces depicted, but this is not a requirement. If you are interested in participating in this digital collecting initiative with the museum, we would like to hear from you by Jan 15, 2020.

Please use the form below to provide the Museum with information about images to be considered for this collecting initiative. You may submit up to five images, however, please submit a separate form entry for each submission. Also, please read the submission terms before submitting.

Submission Terms

By submitting this form and all its contents, I hereby assert that I have the right to use and share these materials with a public entity. I understand that if the Museum desires to include my submission in any publicly accessible format, I will be contacted by the museum staff. I understand that the Museum will not be able to include any or every image submitted and that submission does not require any commitment on the Museum’s part to use or retain the materials submitted.

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The Museum, like all other Smithsonian museums, hopes to benefit from donations of artifacts and archival documents. Due to the volume of offers we cannot accept materials through the mail without prior communication.