The Center for the Study of Global Slavery (CSGS) researches and interprets slavery and its afterlives, revealing its deep global connections and impact as well as recognizing the resistance and resilience of people of African descent across the diaspora.

Built upon international collaboration, the CSGS provides an understanding of slavery as a shared human history beyond region, nation, and race – as something crucial to understanding our local communities, national identities, and global societies in the 21st century.


Slave Wrecks Project

The Slave Wrecks Project is designed to combine research, training and education to build new scholarship and knowledge about the study of the global slave trade through the lens of slave shipwrecks.

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In Slavery's Wake

In Slavery’s Wake—Slavery, Freedom, and the Making of Our World, the exhibition will travel to Africa, Europe and the Americas, shifting the way we think about, talk about, and represent the history of slavery, race, and globalization and its continuing relevance to our world today.

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