As we commemorate the richness of African American History and Culture, we want to highlight the contributions of organizational partners to the Lift Every Voice (“LEV”) global initiative. During our museum's inaugural year, the LEV initiative showcased the work of all institutions and individuals preserving, honoring and sharing the many stories of African American and African Diaspora people in conjunction with the grand opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).  

Now that the Lift Every Voice initiative has concluded, we encourage our partners to remain engaged by:


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Numerous LEV partners hosted co-branded activities within the inaugural year (September 2016 through December 2017), while others have continued hosting co-celebration events through the end of February 2018. The support and generosity demonstrated by LEV Partners during our museum’s inaugural year allowed thousands of people to celebrate the opening of our museum, making your partnership an essential part of the NMAAHC story!

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