Moving Through History is created for students to engage in learning history through exercise and movement. These resources combine exercise and examining objects and narratives primarily from the NMAAHC galleries and collections. These routines can be completed during a class period, or as a enriching fulfilling break during your learning day. These resources engage students and educators at various fitness levels. The workouts can be downloaded as a Text PDF or as PowerPoint PDF at this time.

The Olympics and the African American Experience 

Learn about the African American experience at the Olympic Games through this seven-day workout regiment. 

This is an intermediate level regiment for those who have been exercising consistently for a period of time. 

The Power of Place: Black Routes West

Learn about the African American experience in nineteen states west of the Mississippi River, and in order of their admittance into the United States. Part one features nine states admitted from from 1845 to 1889. Part two will feature ten states admitted from 1889 to 1959.

This is a beginner to intermediate level regiment for those who have a moderate exercise practice.

Washington D.C.: The Sights and Sounds of Chocolate City

African Americans have been an important part of the political, economic, and social history of Washington D.C. In celebration of our hometown, we like to explore some of the objects within our collection that highlight the history of Washington D.C., also known as Chocolate City.

This is a beginner level regiment for those who are just beginning an exercise practice or who may have physical restrictions.

  • Full Workout (Text PDF) 
  • Full Workout (PowerPoint PDF) 
  • Washington D.C. Walking Tour (PDF)
The triumph can't be had without the struggle. Wilma Rudolph Athlete and Olympic Gold Medalist
Washington Street, Nicodemus Historic District, Nicodemus, Graham County, Kansas. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.
Photograph of Carl Lewis with his fourth gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics. Gift of Carl Lewis Estate.
Group portrait of men and women in front of the U.S. Capitol. Gift of Charles Schwartz and Shawn Wilson. © Smithsonian NMAAHC
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