National History Day Resources

NMAAHC is eager to support students who are engaging in historical research for projects, especially those related to National History Day. As the national museum devoted to telling the American story through the African American lens, NMAAHC can assist students in exploring multiple perspectives in history by providing access to primary sources, supporting materials, and expert mentorship.   

Students, NMAAHC supports your journey as a junior historian, whatever topic you choose. Explore the page to discover resources that will help you have a positive history day experience.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) would like to support you in all aspects of your journey as a young historian and throughout the National History Day contest year. Below are a variety of resources from our collections, archives, and staff expertise that you may find helpful. And be sure to check out our workshops to help you build your project during the academic year.  

2017 - 2018 Resources and Workshops

  • NHD at NMAAHC Project Packs (New)
    Packaged information and sources ready to help students begin their projects on intriguing topics relating to the theme of Conflict and Compromise in History.

  • NHD in 1 - 2 - 3 at NMAAHC Clinic and Workshops (Spring 2018)

    Have your National History Day project reviewed by NMAAHC staff and volunteers this March. Join NMAAHC in supporting you to create a successful NHD project through our 3rd annual NHD at NMAAHC E-Review Clinic.

    ​All workshops have concluded for the 2017 - 2018 contest year. Learn the details of the three workshops that can help students build a strong foundation for their National History Day projects.

  • "Conflict and Compromise: Free People of Color in Antebellum America Making a Way out of No Way."
    Read our article from the 2018 National History Day theme book that explores the conflicts and compromises free African Americans experienced during the Antebellum Era. 

  • The 2018 NHD at NMAAHC Theme Book Article Collection Connection Grid 
    Search and explore selected objects from the NMAAHC collection and other Smithsonian units that accompany the stories and experiences narrated in our 2018 NHD theme book article "Conflict and Compromise: Free People of Color in Antebellum America Making a Way out of No Way".

  • The 2018 NHD at NMAAHC Gallery Topic List
    Use this list to help you find and explore topics for the National History Day 2017 – 2018 contest theme: Conflict and Compromise in History.  These topics are from the objects and stories in our galleries. 

  • The 2018 NHD at NMAAHC Collection Connection Grid
    Search and explore selected objects from the NMAAHC collection and other Smithsonian units that fit the 2018 theme.

  • students work on National History Day projects
  • Student is using the bubble method to brainstorm

About National History Day

National History Day ® is an academic competition focusing on history for students in grades 6-12. Today more than half a million students enter the contest. They construct entries as an individual or in a group in one of five five categories: documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, or website. Students then compete in a series of contests - school, local/regional, and state - to proceed to the National Contest held each June at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The mission of National History Day is to provide students with opportunities to learn historical content and develop research, thinking and communication skills through the study of history and to provide educators with resources and training to enhance classroom teaching.