As a person committed to equity, I am here because …

  • I care about how society shapes my race and how my race shapes my experience in society.
  • I want to learn more about race and racism.
  • I believe we all must play a part in the solution.

Since we all have an assigned racial identity, we can all benefit from learning about race. And, by learning and understanding the origins and meanings of racial inequity, we can all benefit from a shared understanding. This understanding can help make our society more equitable and can be a catalyst for change.

As a person committed to racial equity, this website is here to help you understand yourself, your race, and the experiences of others in a more nuanced, interactive way. The information offered here is a mix of historical research, academic scholarship, and personal stories. We also provide additional resources for those who wish to learn even more.

This website is here for individuals at all stages of their discovery. It can serve as the first step for those beginning their journey to understand more about their race and race relations. It can also be a roadmap for persons who have been asking critical questions for some time and want to learn more.

For whatever reason you are here, we are honored and grateful to share this information with you.

Topic Features

Throughout the website, you will see pop-outs to provide additional content and or resources connected to the topic. When you see this symbol , click to read more.

Stop and think!
As you go through the website, there are moments where we suggest you stop and take time to reflect. By pausing and thinking more about what you’ve read, it gives you time to process and absorb the information. During this time of reflection, we encourage you to consider the “why” as you make personal connections to the ideas presented.

Embedded Resources
To offer the most accurate and useful information, we have performed extensive research on each topic. Some of these resources appear as links within the text, and some listed at the bottom of each page. These resources will allow you to dig deeper into the subject and hopefully inspire you to achieve a greater understanding.

Let’s Think.
Our thinking evolves every day and can always extend further. “Let’s Think” are reflection points that encourage you to consider a few specific points covered on the topic page. These provide an opportunity to think about what you’ve read and tie concepts together while practicing self-reflection.

Let’s Talk.
Our goal here is to support your learning by exploring the topic in a broad, engaging fashion. “Let’s Talk” may suggest a topic of conversation with a colleague, offer a new perspective, or ask questions that require you to think differently about the subject. By connecting with others and openly talking about race, or even challenging our viewpoint, we can overcome the obstacles that prevent real progress.

Let’s Act.
Now that you have learned more about racial inequity, it’s time to act and work toward solutions. Some of these acts can be as simple as writing in a journal to further your understanding or identifying talking points when having difficult conversations about race issues. Our goal is to provide you tools to affect positive change, within yourself and your community.

Pay specific attention to the points labeled “Person Committed to Equity” in this section.

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