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The numbers speak for themselves. Since opening our doors on September 24, 2016, the National Museum of African American History and Culture has welcomed over 10 million visitors. In that same time, more than 27 million have visited our website.

We are guardians of history. We preserve the past, witness the now and aspire to inform our shared future. Through your generosity and encouragement, we have exceeded expectations for our collections, scholarship and overall impact, yet there’s so much more to be done.

And we can’t do it alone.

Collecting the New and the Now

Humanizing history and objects through the lives, tragedies and triumphs of everyday people.

Children playing in front on fire hydrant

Community Curation

The Community Curation Program is an innovative digital-first initiative bridging the generational digital divide in African American communities.

Learn More about Community Curation



Social Justice

Social justice connects all the museum’s initiatives—past, present and future. Our donors and members contribute significantly to our ability to provide innovative social justice programs, exhibitions and educational resources.

Image of Reckoning gallery entrance with five works of art


Visual art has long provided its own protest, commentary, escape and perspective for African Americans. The Black painters, sculptors, photographers and textile artists featured exemplify the tradition of exhibiting resilience in times of conflict, as well as the ritual of creation, and the defiant pleasure of healing.

Learn More about Reckoning



Community and Collaboration 

Creating meaningful partnerships to build and preserve rich collections of music, art, photographs and artifacts.

HBCU History & Culture Access Consortium

HBCU History & Culture Access Consortium

The HBCU History & Culture Access Consortium is a multi-year initiative in collaboration with museum and archive directors of the Clark Atlanta, Florida A & M, Jackson State, Texas Southern and Tuskegee Universities.

Learn More about HBCU History & Culture Access Consortium
Two divers exploring underwater wreckage

Slave Wrecks Project

The Slave Wrecks Project uses maritime archaeology, historical research and the study of sunken slave ships to take a distinct approach to the study of the transatlantic slave trade.

Learn More about Slave Wrecks Project
Picture of Muhammad Ali versus opponent boxing

75 Years of Ebony Magazine

Explore the Johnson Publishing Collection and celebrate 75 years of Ebony Magazine and the African American experience.

Learn More about 75 Years of Ebony Magazine



Digital Present

Engaging audiences nationwide with online exhibitions, virtual symposia and digital programs.

Group of 5 women standing

Talking About Race

Talking about race is not easy, although hard, is necessary. We are here to provide tools and guidance to empower your journey and inspire conversation.

Explore More about Talking About Race
A screenshot of the Searchable Museum website

Searchable Museum

Over a year in the making, the Searchable Museum initiative is one of the museum’s largest digital undertakings, bringing our evocative content and immersive in-person visitor experience into homes around the world.

Explore More about Searchable Museum
Right now, it’s more important than ever to support the museum in this deep conversation about the
African American experience, the place of African American culture and our understanding what it means to be
an American.
Kevin Young Andrew W. Mellon Director, NMAAHC

Invest In Our Shared Future

Support the Campaign for the National Museum of African American History and Culture. 

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