Written by
Shange, Ntozake, American, 1948 - 2018
Illustrated by
Holup, Wopo, American
Printed by
ink on paper with ribbon and metal
H x W (Booklet): 4 1/4 × 3 1/4 × 1 15/16 in. (10.8 × 8.3 × 5 cm)
H x W (Booklet and ribbon): 11 7/16 × 3 1/4 × 1 15/16 in. (29 × 8.3 × 5 cm)
A booklet of poems entitled “Some Men” written by Ntozake Shange. The images in the booklet were illustrated by Wopo Holup. The poems have been presented in a booklet format that resembles a highschool dance card, a small booklet that would be tied to the wrist of a girl attending a high school dance. The booklet has an orange cover that features an illustration of a man in a black suit with a bow tie, dancing with a woman with long hair in an outlined dress. The booklet has a black, grosgrain ribbon attached through a hole punch through the top, left corner of the booklet and the ribbon strands have been knotted together near the ribbon ends. The text on the booklet cover at the top reads [SOME MEN] and at the bottom reads [ntozake shange / wopo holup]. The booklet has forty-eight cream colored pages and an orange flyleaf page at each end of the book. Most of the pages have poetry, an illustration or both printed on it. Several of the pages have illustrations depicting a table that holds a bowl, a picture frame and a lamp shaped like a woman, holding the lamp shade with one hand while holding the lightbulb in her mouth. Another set of illustrations depicts a table with a vase of flowers. Three pages resemble dance card pages, with filigree pattern borders with the names of dances listed followed by a blank lines. Several of these lines have been filled in printed script that reads [some men]. Four pages depict a picture frame, four pages have been filled in with illustrations of pink, orange, purple, blue and red flowers and four pages have illustrations depicting male figures pointing guns and female figures with their arms stretched out. All of the illustrations are references to lines of Shange's poems, many of which depict violence and sexual aggression towards women. At the center of the book are six entirely black pages and there are eight pages that have been left blank. The booklet has a handwritten number and has been signed by poet and illustrator inside front cover.
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Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Wopo Holup
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
© ntozake shange/poetry wopo holup/images © may 1981. Permission required for use.

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