Photograph by
Shames, Stephen, American, born 1947
Subject of
Unidentified Child or Children
Unidentified Man or Men
Unidentified Woman or Women
Dr. Newton, Huey P., American, 1942 - 1989
Seale, Bobby, American, born 1936
Black Panther Party, American, 1966 - 1982
1970, printed 2014
silver and photographic gelatin on photographic paper
H x W (Sheet): 16 × 19 7/8 in. (40.6 × 50.5 cm)
H x W (Image): 12 5/8 × 18 5/8 in. (32.1 × 47.3 cm)
A black-and-white photograph of a Black Panther rally in San Francisco, California. At the center of the photograph is a man wearing a hat speaking into a microphone on a stand. All around him are young women, young men and children who are clapping and chanting. Many members of the crowd hold posters or placards. Four (4) of the placards (one of which is barely visible) feature an image of Huey Newton seated in a large wicker chair, holding a gun in his right hand and a spear in his left. One (1) placard features an image of Bobby Seale. Two other placards have handwritten slogans. The sign in the upper center of the photograph reads [FREE _ALL_/ POLITICAL/ PRISONERS/ RighT On!] and the sign at the proper right of the photograph reads [A BLACK MAN/ CAN'T GET A FAIR/ [illegible] AMERIKKKA]. Most of the people in the photograph are looking out of frame to the proper right.
Place depicted
San Francisco, California, United States, North and Central America
Media Arts-Photography
gelatin silver prints
Black power
Social reform
U.S. History, 1969-2001
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
© Stephen Shames
Permission required for use. Proper usage is the responsibility of the user.

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