Stone Soul

Recorded by
Mongo Santamaría, Cuban American, 1917 - 2003
Published by
Columbia Records, American, founded 1888
Owned by
Bailey, Jan, American, 1942 - 2010
ink on paper and cardboard, vinyl
Record: 11 13/16 × 1/16 in. (30 × 0.2 cm)
Cover: 12 3/8 × 12 3/8 × 1/8 in. (31.4 × 31.4 × 0.3 cm)
H x W (Sleeve): 11 15/16 × 12 in. (30.3 × 30.5 cm)
Long-playing record and album cover with sleeve. Album cover front features a color image of a place setting with food on a floral tablecloth. At the top center is brown and red text with the album name, artist, and tracks [MONGO/SANTAMARIA/STONE SOUL/CLOUD NINE/LOVE CHILD/STONED SOUL PICNIC/SEE-SAW/SON-OF-A-PREACHER MAN/LITTLE GREEN APPLES/HITCHCOCK RAILWAY/WHO'S MAKING LOVE]. Record features a red-orange center with black and white text throughout. Side One [COLUMBIA/MONGO SANTAMARIA/STONE SOUL/CS 9780 SIDE 1/XSM 139369/1. SEE-SAW -D. Covay - S. Cropper-/2. SON-OF-A-PREACHER MAN -J. Hurley - R. Wilkins-/3. LOVE CHILD/-D. Richard - P. Sawyer - F. Wilson - R. D. Taylor-/4. WHERE WE ARE -R. Grant-/5. HITCHCOCK RAILWAY/-D. L. Dunn - T. L. McCashen-/"360 SOUND" STEREO "360 SOUND"/"COLUMBIA", MARCAS REG. PRINTED IN U.S.A.]. Side Two [COLUMBIA/MONGO SANTAMARIA/STONE SOUL/CS 9780 SIDE 1/XSM 139369/1. STONED SOUL PICNIC -L. Nyre-/2. WHO'S MAKING LOVE/-H. Banks - B. Crutcher - D. Davis - R. Jackson-/3. THE NOW GENERATION -W. Allen-/5. CLOUD NINE/-N. J. Whitfield - B. Strong-/"360 SOUND" STEREO "360 SOUND"/"COLUMBIA", MARCAS REG. PRINTED IN U.S.A.]. The record also includes an inner sleeve with care instructions on the front and advertisements for other albums on the back.
Media Arts-Audio Recordings
record covers
long-playing records
African diaspora
Jazz (Music)
Latin jazz (Music)
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
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Restrictions & Rights
© Columbia. Permission required for use.
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