Directed by
Leonard, Arthur H., American, 1904 - 1956
Written by
Valentini, Vincent Andrew, American, 1895 - 1948
Edited by
Kemp, Jack
Subject of
Guyse, Sheila, American, 1925 - 2013
Daniels, Billy, American, 1915 - 1988
Tondaleyo, American, 1912 - 1998
Offley, Hilda, American, 1894 - 1968
Blakey, Ruble, American, 1911 - 1992
Richardson, Emory, American, 1894 - 1965
Carter, Jack, American, 1902 - 1967
Verwayne, Percy, American, 1895 - 1968
Freeman, Dusty
Williams, George
Gordon, Fred
Young, Al
Norton, Harold, American, 1912 - 1985
Poitier, Sidney, Bahamian American, 1927 - 2022
acetate film
Duration: 70 Minutes
Length (Film Reel 1): 1130 Feet
Length (Film Reel 2): 1250 Feet
A struggling songwriter finds a muse in his girlfriend, who inspires him write his next hit. After finding success, he falls under the sway of a beautiful club owner.
A 16mm release print of the feature film Sepia Cinderella. It consists of two reels of positive, black-and-white, 16mm acetate film with variable-area optical sound.
The first scene opens with a band performing for Barbara (Sheila Guyse), the film’s protagonist, and her adoptive mother Mama Keyes (Hilda Offley). At the end of the performance, the band exits the room while Mama Keyes and Barbara remain behind, engaging in a conversation about their relationship and the death of Barbara’s parents. Later in the film, Barbara inspires her love interest, Bob (Billy Daniels), to write a song. After finding success in this latest song, Bob falls under the sway of a club owner named Vivian (Tondaleyo).
Place filmed
New York City, New York County, New York, United States, North and Central America
Place depicted
New York City, New York County, New York, United States, North and Central America
Media Arts-Film and Video
sound films
black-and-white films (visual works)
release prints (motion pictures)
feature films
16mm (photographic film size)
Race films
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Randall and Sam Nieman
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
Unknown - Restrictions Possible
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