Created by
Scott, Joyce J., American, born 1948
Manufactured by
Berengo Glass Studio, Italian, founded 1989
Venetian glass and glass beads with wire and thread
H x W x D: 19 3/4 × 15 × 11 1/2 in. (50.2 × 38.1 × 29.2 cm)
A Venetian blown glass artwork in the form of a seated Buddha. The Buddha's hands are in the "earth witness" hand position, his right hand on right knee with fingers pointing to the ground, and his left hand raised with the palm flat. The Buddha is a translucent blue. A female figure is seated on the Buddha’s left palm, her barefoot legs extending down either side of the Buddha’s hand, her right arm pointing down towards the earth and her left hand raised with the palm flat. The female figure is blown glass in a deep brown color. The figure is wrapped with peyote-stitched beads in vivid colors of red, orange and yellow, placed around the woman’s figure in a way to suggest flickering flames. In the center of the Buddha’s torso, on the interior of the glass, is a beaded hand with fingers uncurling from the center to point slightly upward. Inside of the Buddha’s head, red and blue glass beads are fused to the interior surface of the Buddha’s face and arranged into an abstracted facial expression. The entire artwork is one, connected piece.
Place made
Murano, Venice, Venezia, Italy, Europe
Visual Arts
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
© Joyce J. Scott, Courtesy Goya Contemporary Gallery and The Artist Legacy Project LLC

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