Subject of
Martin, Trayvon, American, 1995 - 2012
Tamir Rice, 2002 - 2014
Gray, Freddie, American, 1990 - 2015
Million Man March, American, founded 1995
ink on paper
H x W: 6 × 8 in. (15.2 × 20.3 cm)
A postcard advertising the Million Man March Anniversary.
The image shows a crowd in front of the Capitol building and extending all the way down the mall towards the Washington Monument. On the proper right side of the postcard there is a black and white drawing of a raised fist. The drawing is mostly black with white lines. There is a white ribbon wrapped around the arm. There is text on the ribbon reading [BLACK/LIVES/MATTER]. "Black" is in red, "lives" is in black, and "matter" is in green. To the proper left of the fist there is a white area with text on it. It reads [Million Man March} in black with a red outline. Below it reads [10 / 10 / 15] in black with a green outline. However, the "1's" are actually the raised fist image.
The back of the postcard is white. The left side has three black lines where the return address would god. Below it reads [List of Unarmed Killed] in black, white a list of names, states, and dates following it. Names include Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Grey. On the right side in the top corner there is a black outline of a box for a stamp. There are three black lines below for the address. Below the lines it reads [Black on Black/Must Stop!/] in black. "Must Stop!" is in red.
Place collected
Washington, District of Columbia, United States, North and Central America
Collection title
Million Man March Anniversary Collection
Memorabilia and Ephemera-Political and Activist Ephemera
Black Lives Matter
Civil rights
Local and regional
Police brutality
Race relations
Social reform
U.S. History, 2001-
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
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