Manufactured by
Nike Inc., American, founded 1971
Worn by
Saskia Webber, American, born 1971
Subject of
New York Power, American, 2000 - 2003
ink on polyester
H x W x D: 31 1/2 × 24 × 16 in. (80 × 61 × 40.6 cm)
Saskia Webber's New York Power soccer jersey. The yellow jersey is long-sleeve with a stretch black mandarin-style collar and black stretch cuffs on the sleeves. The jersey is two shades of yellow. The chest and the majority of the sleeves are a dark yellow, while stomach, back, and a strip down sleeves are a lighter yellow. A black Nike swoosh logo is located on the front proper right chest. The NY Power logo is at center. The logo is made up of block letters with black shadows, reading [NY] in purple, outlined in yellow, followed by [POWER] in white, outlined in yellow. The "o" in "power" is a white and purple soccer ball. A black [1] is in the bottom proper left side of the front of the jersey. The sleeves have both shoulder padding and elbow padding. The proper left sleeve has a United States flag patch just under the shoulder, with a Band-Aid patch below reading: [BAND-AID / BRAND FIRST AID PRODUCTS]. The proper right sleeve has two patches just above the elbow. The top patch is a Time Warner patch, a white rectangular patch with [TIME WARNER] in gray on the right, [CABLE] below a solid red horizontal line on the right, and the Time Warner logo on the left in blue. The bottom patch is a WUSA patch a red and blue rectangular patch, with [W] then a five-point star, followed by [USA] on the red portion in white thread, with an abstract figure of a woman and a ball on the blue portion to the right, in white thread. The interior tag is located inside the back collar, and is black with white thread type, with the Nike Team logo at top. The red thread reads: [SIZE M HEIGHT 178/GB 39/41 I 48/52/F 48/52 D 48/52/MADE IN U.K./FABRIQUE EN U.K.] below in white. Reverse has a white Nike check logo at top, with [RN# 56323/CA# 05553/RFC#NME 920220 KL4] with [IM# 65522I10567] at the bottom upside down. Another interior tag on interior proper left seam, near bottom edge of jersey, is white with black type, with manufacturing information, materials (100% Polyester), and where the jersey was made on the front and care and wash instructions on the reverse, repeated in English, French, and Spanish. The back of the jersey has black print at the top center that reads: [WEBBER] and lack print at center that reads: [1].
Clothing and dress
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
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© Nike
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