Michael Holman Family Home Movie #24

Created by
Wood, Pauline Thompson, American, born 1901
Subject of
Holman, Michael, American, born 1955
Holman, Keith, American, born 1959
Holman, Linda, American, born 1953
Lt. Thomas Holman, American, born 1926
Wood, Pauline Thompson, American, born 1901
Holman, James Sr., American, 1928 - 1977
Holman, Mattie Lee Bowers, American, 1928 - 2003
Holman, James Jr., American, 1952 - 1991
Holman, Gwendolyn L., American, born 1951
Holman, Lisa, American, born 1967
Pitts, Franklin Herbert, American, 1929 - 1985
Pitts, Virginia Beatrice, American, born 1930
Pitts, Franklin "Van", American, born 1954
Pitts, Deborah Raymonda, American, born 1955
Pitts, Alan H., American, born 1966
ca. 1968
8mm Film (a): acetate film;
Film Reel (b): plastic;
Film Container (c): plastic
Duration: 3 Minutes
Length (Film): 50 Feet
Super 8mm motion picture film of Michael Holman Family Home Movie #24
This film is from a collection of home movies filmed by the family of Michael Holman, an important figure in the history of hip hop. The collection predominately contains family vacation footage shot when Holman's father, Lt. Thomas Holman, was stationed in Europe with the US Army. Most of the footage was captured by Holman's grandmother, Pauline Thompson Wood. In addition to the European vacation films, the footage shot by Pauline Wood documents her involvement with the Baha'i Faith and includes footage of Baha'i events and pilgrimages to holy sites in Israel and Palestine. There is also footage of the family at home in San Francisco and other sites in California.
This film is from a collection of home movies filmed by the family of Michael Holman, an important figure in the history of hip hop.
Consists of: Super 8mm Film (a), Original Film Reel (b), and Original Film Container (c).
2016. Super 8mm film. The film begins with two young women holding babies. On the left, Gwendolyn Holman wears a navy blue dress and white cat-eye glasses. She holds Lisa Holman who is wearing a pink top and red pants. On the right, Deborah Pitts wears a white shirt with a turquoise vest and cat-eye glasses. She holds Allan Pitts who wears an orange collared shirt with a white jacket over it. Keith Holman wears a light blue collared shirt with a navy sweater over it, and stands between the two young women, playing with the babies. Michael Holman sits on the left side of a piano bench, wearing glasses and a navy sweater over a plaid button down shirt, and plays a song with James Holman, Jr., who sits on the right wearing a navy shirt. Van Pitts wears a white jacket and leans against the side of the piano. Next, Mattie Holman, wearing a blue dress with a white and blue-checked vest and glasses, interacts with Lisa Holman and Alan Pitts. Gwendolyn Holman holds Lisa Holman and stands next to Linda Holman who wears a white dress with a blue paisley scarf and holds a teddy bear. There are presents and wrapping paper strewn about the room. In the next shot, a group of adults are seated on the room's couch as children play with the toys they've been given. Sitting on the couch from right to left are Gwendolyn Holman, Linda Holman, Thomas Holman, wearing red, grey, and white striped button down, and Keith Holman, who sits in Thomas’ lap. In the next frame, Franklin Pitts sits to the left of Thomas Holman and Virginia Pitts sits to the left of Franklin, Allan Pitts is between them. The camera pans to the left and shows James Holman, Sr. wearing a yellow turtleneck and brown sweater, and sitting to the left of Virginia Pitts, wearing a green sleeveless dress, followed by Mattie Holman. Pauline Thompson Wood wears a pink button-down dress and stands next to Mattie, handing out gifts. Christmas lights can be seen in the window behind them. A boy, Michael Holman, playfully enters the room waving around a shoe and exits the same way. The next shot begins as a medium shot of the family's Christmas tree and then pans over to the adults seated on the couch before zooming in on the youngest children playing in the foreground. The film concludes with shots of the older children playing an unidentified song together on piano accompanied by various percussion instruments, including maracas. The adults clap along in the background.
2016. Original film reel. White plastic with a brief content note.
2016. Original film container. Blue plastic with scratched out tape labels.
Place filmed
San Francisco, California, United States, North and Central America
Collection title
Michael Holman Family Collection
Media Arts-Film and Video
home movies
Holidays and festivals
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
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