Created by
Lt. Thomas Holman, American, born 1926
Subject of
Lt. Thomas Holman, American, born 1926
Crenshaw High School, founded 1968
University of Southern California, founded 1880
Owned by
Holman, Michael, American, born 1955
Super 8mm Film (a): acetate film;
Film Reel (b): plastic;
Film Container (c): plastic
Duration: 3 Minutes
Length (Film): 50 Feet
This film is from a collection of home movies filmed by the family of Michael Holman, an important figure in the history of hip hop. The collection predominately contains family vacation footage shot when Holman's father, Lt. Thomas Holman, was stationed in Europe with the US Army. Most of the footage was captured by Holman's grandmother, Pauline Thompson Wood. In addition to the European vacation films, the footage shot by Pauline Wood documents her involvement with the Baha'i Faith and includes footage of Baha'i events and pilgrimages to holy sites in Israel and Palestine. There is also footage of the family at home in San Francisco and other sites in California.
This film is from a collection of home movies filmed by the family of Michael Holman, an important figure in the history of hip hop.
Consists of: Super 8mm Film (a), Original Film Reel (b), and Original Film Container(c).
2016. Super 8mm film. The film begins with several establishing shots of Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, CA. Included are wide shots of the building and students exiting a school bus at the main entrance. Next, a series of shots depict students working in a chemistry classroom. Thomas Holman briefly appears as a chemistry teacher, wearing a white button down shirt with an open navy sweater and purple tie. The subsequent section of footage consists of wide shots of major landmarks on the University of Southern California campus. This is followed by a shot of people chatting in a classroom. In the next several shots, this same group of people are gathered outdoors on the USC campus chatting and mugging for the camera. The film concludes with further shots of landmarks on the USC campus and a Southern Pacific freight train passing through an unidentified location.
2016. Original film reel. Yellow plastic with brief content notes.
2016. Original film container. Blue plastic with Drewry Photocolor markings.
Place depicted
Los Angeles, California, United States, North and Central America
Collection title
Michael Holman Family Collection
Media Arts-Film and Video
home movies
8mm (photographic film size)
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
© Michael Holman
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