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Make Good the Promises: Reconstruction and Its Legacies
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Dusenberry, George W., American, died 1869
McKinlay, Whitefield J., American
Dickson, Elias Evander, American, 1832 - 1909
Wilder, Charles McDuffie, American
Hoyt, William R., American
Randolph, Benjamin Franklin, American, died 1868
Harris, David, American
Mays, James P., American
Jillson, Justus K., American, 1839 - 1881
Lomax, Hutson J., American
Jackson, Benjamin Franklin, American
Thomas, William M., American
Webb, Henry W., American, died 1869
Boseman, Benjamin A. Jr., American, 1840 - 1881
Tomlinson, Reuben, American
Wright, Jonathan Jasper, American, 1840 - 1885
DeMars, Francis, American
Brodie, William J., American
Hayes, Eben, American
Cain, Lawrence, American
Maxwell, Henry J., American, 1837 - 1906
Martin, James, American, died 1868
Cooke, Wilson, American
Miller, Franklin F., American
Rivers, Prince R., American, 1824 - 1887
Duncan, Hiram W., American
Boozer, Lemuel, American, 1809 - 1870
Smythe, Powell, American
Wright, John B., American
Moses, Franklin Israel Jr., American, 1838 - 1906
Saunders, Sancho, American
Nuckles, Samuel, American
White, John Hannibal, American, 1828 - 1878
Burton, Barney, American
Shrewsbury, Henry L., American
Mickey, Edward Charles, American
Henderson, James A., American
Hayne, Henry E., American, born 1840
Mobley, Junius S., American
Hutson, James, American
Sen. Nash, William Beverly, American, 1822 - 1888
Smith, Abraham W., American
Pettengill, Charles H., American
Hyde, John B., American
Lee, Samuel J., American, 1844 - 1895
Simons, William M., American, 1810 - 1878
Chestnut, John A., American
McDaniel, Harry, American
Gardner, John, American
Stephen Atkins Swails, American, 1832 - 1900
Perrin, Wade, American, died 1870
James, Burrell S., American
Johnson, William E., American
Wimbush, Lucius W., American, 1839 - 1872
Hayes, Elliott Stannmore Jerome, American, 1848 - 1913
Farr, Simeon, American
Mead, John W., American
Thompson, Benjamin A., American
Rainey, Joseph Hayne, American, 1832 - 1887
Milford, Thomas Bailey, American
albumen and silver on photographic paper on card mount
H x W (sheet): 4 × 2 1/2 in. (10.2 × 6.4 cm)
H x W (image): 3 1/16 × 2 1/4 in. (7.8 × 5.7 cm)
A carte-de-visite of sixty-four (64) so-called "Radical" members of the reconstructed South Carolina legislature after the Civil War. The upper portion of the carte-de-visite is a composite photograph of bust-style portraits of each Congressional member. Below the composite photograph is printed text on the card identifying fifty (50) of the members of Congress as "colored" and thirteen (13) as "white." The text incorrectly states that sixty-three (63) members are pictured. On the verso is printed text listing the names of the sixty-four (64) people depicted on the front, listed by row, "Lines from Left to Right." Some names are misspelled. All corners of the card are trimmed.
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Transcription Available
Place depicted
South Carolina, United States, North and Central America
Memorabilia and Ephemera-Political and Activist Ephemera
albumen prints
Political organizations
Race relations
Reconstruction, U.S. History, 1865-1877
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
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Public domain
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