Photograph by
Jones, Laura, Canadian American, born 1948
Subject of
Poor People's Campaign, American, 1967 - 1968
H x W: 5070 pixels × 7569 pixels
File size: 29.45 MB
A black and white digital image of a mule train from Mississippi passing through Washington, D.C.
There are several mule-drawn wagons in a line going down a street. There are some people riding in uncovered wagons and there are others walking alongside the wagons. The wagon in the back of the line is covered and a man and woman are sitting on the back of it. The woman has her proper right arm resting on the side of the wagon and her proper left leg is crossed over her right leg. The man's legs are crossed at his ankles and his proper left arm is bent and resting on the side of the wagon. His head is resting on his left hand and his proper right hand is resting on his right knee.
There is a police officer on a motorcycle at the back of the "train". There are cars and trucks in the background as well as a large building with columns, a tower, and arched windows. There is a street sign in the foreground on the proper left side of the image. It is slightly out of focus and reads [PEDESTRIANS / USE NORTH / CROSSWALK] with an arrow underneath.
Place depicted
Washington, District of Columbia, United States, North and Central America
Media Arts-Photography
African American - Latinx Solidarity
Poor People's Campaign
digital images
digital media - born analog
Civil rights
Local and regional
U.S. History, 1961-1969
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Laura Jones
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
© Laura Jones
Permission required for use. Proper usage is the responsibility of the user.

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