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In the summer of 2016, graphic designer and illustrator Andrea Pippins created an original sketch directly in response to the violence that bombarded the newscycle in the summer of 2016, which saw incidents ranging from the rampant killings of unarmed black men by U.S. police officers; attacks on and killings of police officers; terrorism in public spaces; and violence across the United States and overseas. As a designer, Pippins sought a way to help alleviate the pain and what she called the "ugliness going on in the world." She used the sketch to create this free, downloadable, doodle/coloring page sheet that she hoped could offer a productive outlet for processing emotions and empowering individuals who were feeling affected by the events.
Digital downloadable pdf file offered by graphic designer Andrea Pippins, based on her original hand-drawn sketch (2018.51.1). The sketch is black on a white background. It is in the style of a worksheet for the user to color in and complete with additional words and drawings. The word [FREEDOM] appears in large block letters in the center. Along the left edge is written [DOODLE, COLOR, WRITE: Self-reflection and empowerment for change]. At the top left is a section for the user to put in their information with [Your name] and an arrow, followed by [YOUR FACE] and a sketch of a picture frame with [SELF-PORTRAIT] above it. Next to the frame is a sketch of a globe and beneath the name section is a bubble pointing at the globe with [How will you change the world???]. At the top right is a speech bubble with [SPEAK YOUR MIND: Write about something you stand for] above it. Beneath this, is a speach bubble with [What can I DO?] and a space with the instructions [USE THIS SPACE TO BRAINSTORM SOME IDEAS TO GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY]. [WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?] is written vertically along the right edge of the sheet. At bottom center, below [FREEDOM], is written [WHAT DOES IT MEAN?] in a speech bubble with [Write what freedom means to you...] in script below with lines for writing. At the bottom left corner is a circle with [GOOD NEWS / WRITE ABOUT SOME GOOD NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY] with lines beneath for writing. At the left side center is a rectangular speech bubble with [Today I feel...] followed by lines for writing.
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Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Andrea Pippins
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