Designed by
Eddie Ed, American
Printed by
Distributed by
Nubian Productions, American
Subject of
Cosmic Force, American
MC Ice-Ice, American, died 2012
Lisa Lee, American
DJ Chubby Chub, American
Prince Ikey C, American
Funky 4 + 1, American, 1977 - 1983
DJ Breakout, American
MC Sha-Rock, American, born 1962
Keith Keith, American
MC Jazzy Jeff, American, born 1962
Afrika Bambaataa, American, born 1957
DJ Jazzy Jay, American, born 1961
Kool DJ Red Alert, American, born 1956
Jazzy Five, American
T-Connection, American
December 19, 1981
ink on paper (fiber product)
H x W: 6 1/4 × 8 7/16 in. (15.8 × 21.4 cm)
A flier for the “The Final Countdown - The Battle, Cosmic Force vs. The Funky 4” designed by Eddie Ed. The flier is in landscape orientation and printed on yellow paper with black-and-yellow text and black graphics. The body of the flier is framed with a thin black line. Inside the frame, printed in top half of the flier, is text in varying sizes and handwritten fonts that reads [Nubian Production Presents / The Final Countdown / The / T·CONNECTION / DISCO / -TECH-[underlined] / 3510 White Plains Rd. / OFF / Gun Hill Rd. / THE BATTLE / FOR THIS NIGHT ONLY]. Dividing the center of the flier is a thick, black band with a large black diamond shape at the center. Printed in yellow at the center are the two featured competing acts: [Cosmic Force VS The Funky 4] with [VS] in larger text at the center of the diamond. Printed below in black text are the additional performing acts printed in groupings on either side of the black diamond. The acts printed on the left below Cosmic Force include: [Ice · Ice, Lisa · Lee / Chubby · Chub, Ikey · C]. The acts printed on the right below The Funky 4 include: [D.J. Breakout, Sha · Rock / Keith · Keith, Jazzy · Jeff]. Centered text below the diamond shape provides information on the prize, the Masters of Records, date, entrance fee, and additional information in text in varying sizes and fonts that read [FOR $1000 CASH / Also Featuring The Master of Records / D. / J. / Afrika Bambaataa Jazzy · Jay / Red · Alert / SAT., Dec. 19, 81 / 9:00pm / UNTIL? / $4.00 / B·4 12 WITH FLYER / $5.00 / ALL NITE]. Printed from left to right along the bottom edge of the frame is the graphic designer’s name and additional text that reads [EDDIE*ED Come In Peace Pick Up The New Release By Afrika Bam & And Jazzy 5]. The back of the flier has no text or inscriptions.
Transcription Center Status
Transcription Available
Place used
Bronx, New York City, New York, United States, North and Central America
Decorative Arts, Craft, and Design
Memorabilia and Ephemera-Advertisements
fliers (printed matter)
DJs (Musicians)
Graphic design
Hip-hop (Music)
Rappers (Musicians)
Urban life
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
Public domain
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