Designed by
Kool Lance, American
Distributed by
Nubian Productions, American
Subject of
Afrika Bambaataa, American, born 1957
The Cold Crush Brothers, American, founded 1978
DJ Charlie Chase, American, born 1959
King, Angelo T., American, born 1959
DJ Kool Herc, Jamaican American, born 1955
DJ Jazzy Jay, American, born 1961
Soul Power 82, American
Kool DJ Red Alert, American, born 1956
Soulsonic Force, American, founded 1980
Cosmic Force, American
Jazzy Five, American
Grandmaster Flash, American, born 1958
Furious Five, American, 1978 - 1989
Kool DJ AJ, American, died 2015
Busy Bee Starski, American, born 1962
Grand Wizard Theodore, American, born 1963
Fantastic Five, American, 1979 - 1994
DJ Breakout, American
Funky 4 + 1, American, 1977 - 1983
Treacherous Three, American, 1978 - 1985
Double Trouble, American
Islam, Afrika, American, born 1967
Billy Boy, American
Mark V, American
The Just Four, American
Grand Mixer DXT, American
Infinity 4, American
Muhammad, Elijah, American, 1897 - 1975
Dr. King, Martin Luther Jr., American, 1929 - 1968
X, Malcolm, American, 1925 - 1965
Clarence 13X, American, 1928 - 1969
Black Panther Party, American, 1966 - 1982
Carmichael, Stokely, Trinidadian American, 1941 - 1998
Douglass, Frederick, American, 1818 - 1895
Garvey, Marcus, Jamaican, 1887 - 1940
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, American, founded 1909
Bronx River Houses, American, founded 1951
Printed by
February 25, 1982
ink on paper (fiber product)
H x W: 8 3/8 × 6 3/8 in. (21.3 × 16.2 cm)
A flier for the “Black History Month Annual Cultural Freebee Jam” designed by Kool Lance. The flier is in portrait orientation and printed on off-white paper and has black and white text in varying fonts and sizes and black graphics with a black border. The flier is dominated by an elongated, black, hexagonal graphic with two stepped black bands below. The graphic is overlayed with white text and a small, white, rectangular banner near the top, highlighting the act Soul Power 82 in black text and emphasized with arrow graphics. The centered black text at the top of the flier reads [nUBian PrODUCTiOns & / AFRIKA[small text inserted above] BamBaaTaa PresenTs / BLack HisTory monTH / annual cuLTuraL FreeBee jam / Guarantee[sic] to perform].
Below is the hexagonal graphic with centered white text that reads [coLD Crush Brothers charLie chase / Tony Tone coLd crush 4 kool Herc / jazzy jay / soul power[right oriented arrow] 82 [left oriented arrow] red alert / afrika Bambaataa / soul sonic & cosmic Force jazzy 5 / Grand master[sic] Flash Furious Lovers / Kool dj aj & Busy Bee starski / Grand wizard Theodor[sic] Fantastic 5 / Breakout & Funky 4 Trecherous[sic] 3 / Double Trouble solo sounds whiz kid / afrika islam Billy Boy & Mark V / The just 4 & DST & infinity 4]. Below the rectangular graphic is centered black text that reads [you may never see another line up / like this again, not for free anyway! / Thurs. Feb 25, 1982 / 5 UNTIL 12 / Donation free (just come in peace) / (respect your black selves) / Bronx river center 1619 e 174 st. / remember your Black History Giants / Elijah Muhammad / martin L. king, malcolm x, / clarence 13x / Black Panthers, Stokley[sic] carmichael / Fredrick[sic] Douglas[sic] / marcus Garvey, naacp, / and the great black history of africa / and the world].
Narrow triangular graphics extend from the top of the large rectangular graphic with the words [FUNK] printed in small text above the left triangle and the word [BLUES] printed above the right triangle. Two set of perpendicularly crossed arrows extend from the center left and right edges of the frame. The word [SOUL] is printed above the horizontally oriented arrow on the left, and the word [DISCO] is printed above the horizontally oriented arrow on the right. Mirror images of freeform geometric shapes below the crossed arrow sets also have small text printed around their edges: [ROCK] on the left, and [CALYPSO] and [JAZZ] on the right. Just below the large rectangular graphic is more small text that reads [LATIN]. Two elongated arrows in horizontal orientations extend from the freeform geometric shapes, just below the venue address, and point to small text at the center that reads [(BRONX RIVER HOUSES)]. Printed above the ends of the arrows is small text that reads [HIP HOP] on the far left and [REGGAY[sic]] on the far right. The flier designer’s name is printed in small black text in the right corner of the frame, [KOOL LANCE]. The back of the flier has no text or inscriptions.
Transcription Center Status
Transcription Available
Place used
Bronx, New York City, New York, United States, North and Central America
Decorative Arts, Craft, and Design
Memorabilia and Ephemera-Advertisements
Black Power (Black Pride)
fliers (printed matter)
Civil rights
DJs (Musicians)
Graphic design
Hip-hop (Music)
Rappers (Musicians)
United States History
Urban life
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Object number
Restrictions & Rights
Public domain
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