Strategic Partnerships

The Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) is a unique department within the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Our mission is to strengthen the capabilities and sustainability of historical, cultural, and art institutions focused on African Americans and the African Diaspora, which we do through our collaborations with museum service organizations, professional associations, and related organizations.

Through collaboration and partnerships, OSP:  

  • Delivers far-reaching and transformative support for under-resourced organizations on a regional, national, and international level
  • Connects and builds awareness about the work of its participating institutions
  • Provides access to training and resources that support and advance leaders and field-wide best practices

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Our Work

OSP develops and delivers programs and resources to African American and African Diaspora History and Culture institutions to support and empower them to make self-directed lasting changes, the benefits of which strengthen not only their institutions, but the communities they serve.

Through mutually beneficial relationships, we provide access to professional development and capacity-building opportunities. We also work to amplify the message that African American History and Culture institutions are vital parts of our nation’s social and cultural fabric.
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OSP focuses on improving inclusion, job creation, professional development, and leadership in the museum and related cultural heritage fields. Our partnerships strengthen and increase organizational sustainability.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your partners?

The Office of Strategic Partnerships works primarily with museum networks that serve organizations engaged in the study, appreciation, or preservation of African American or African Diasporic life, art, history, and culture. These networks can be international, national, regional, or statewide. OSP also partners with educational institutions and discipline-specific networks. 

Our work primarily serves the African American and African Diasporic museum field by providing access to resources that improve organizational sustainability, provide professional development, and encourage innovation and best practices. We do not partner on public programs, education programs, or with other community groups. We do not provide museum passes to groups.

Do you partner with individual museums?

Our work has the broadest impact when we work with organizational networks (such as the Association of African American Museums) rather than individual museums.  Museums interested in partnering with OSP or with a partnership idea should complete the Collaborate With Us form.

Organizations interested in celebrating the Museum’s inaugural year may participate in the Lift Every Voice initiative.

What types of organizations do you serve?

We serve museums, historic sites, historic houses, libraries, schools and universities, research centers, and other organizations dedicated to the study, appreciation, and preservation of African American and African Diasporic history and culture.

Do you have opportunities for museum professionals?

Many of our partnerships involve providing access to professional development opportunities for African American and African Diaspora Museum field professionals. For a list of current opportunities, visit our Opportunities section.

Do you give money to museums for trainings or programs?

OSP is not a grant-making organization. We partner with networks and other organizations to provide access to professional development and capacity-building opportunities. 

Do you offer internships at NMAAHC?

For more information on internships with the Museum, visit Internships & Fellowships. External internship opportunities involving an OSP partner, can be found in the OSP Opportunities section. 

Can I request an OSP representative to attend or speak at my event?

Please use the Collaborate With Us form for this type of inquiry.

Collaborate with us

To explore a partnership with our office, please use our online form to submit your questions.