Wood 4 golf club used by Ethel Funches

Manufactured by
Wilson Sporting Goods Co., American, founded 1914
Used by
Funches, Ethel, American, 1913 - 2010
Subject of
Didrikson Zaharias, Mildred Ella "Babe", American, 1911 - 1956
late 20th century
On View
Community/Third Floor, 3 052
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Sports: Leveling the Playing Field
wood, metal, rubber, and ink
H x W x D (2015.249.4.2 Wood 4): 43 × 3 × 3 1/2 in. (109.2 × 7.6 × 8.9 cm)
A wood golf club from Wilson, used by Ethel Funches.
The shaft is silver in color and is made out of metal. There is a black rubber grip at the top. The grip has grooved lines going diagonally around it. There are different sized holes on the grip. There is a design, not wear and tear. The word [Wilson] is printed on it in faded text. There is a gold, red, and blue logo at the top of the grip. There is a gold circle with gold text in two different fonts. It reads [The Reminder / PAT. NO. / 974,875]. There are two flags, one red and one blue.
There is a grey and green adhesive label with grey text on the shaft. It reads [TRUE TEMPER ROCKET]. The shaft has some scuffs and scratches on it. The base of the shaft has two thin orange stripes going around it with a thick black stripe in the middle and a black section at the bottom.
The head of the club is made of a dark wood. There are scuffs and scratches in several different areas, and the proper left side has wear and tear from where it hit the ball. There is gold upside-down text on the front of the head. It is partially worn off and reads [Strata-bloc / REG. US PAT. OFF.]. There is faded text on the top of the head, in a script font. It reads [Babe D. Zaharias] and it is underlined. There is text on the proper right side, which reads [Top-Notch]. There are also two flag-like shapes, one orange and one yellow. The proper left side has a thick yellow stripe with two thin black stripes and four (4) nails. It also has vertical grooved lines. The proper left side is flat, since it is a right-handed golf club.
The underside of the head has scratches on it. There is a piece of metal covering the center. It has four (4) nails securing it to the wood. The metal has a bit of discoloring as well as some dents and scratches. There is text on the piece of metal. It is indented into it. It reads [Wilson]. On the proper left side there is a large number "4".
Tools and Equipment-Sports and Recreational
golf clubs (equipment)
sports and athletic equipment
Credit Line
Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Grand Niece Angela Kenion-Wynn in Memory of Ethel P. Funches
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